August 2019 Updates.

In an effort to help the weekend go as smooth as possible we plan on trying out some new things in August.

Check In Location Change -

During this past season we realized that the mystical powers of the WiFi bench had abandoned us. This created some interesting situation during check in; we pleaded, made finger gestures, and even bargained with technology all yield poor results. We have tried everything to appease the benevolent WiFi Lords; Stevens pine cone statue was truly a work of art, sadly they have turned down all our offerings. So we have decided to move where the WiFi is strongest and will now be doing Check In, inside the Roadhouse at the Post Office, soon the Public Works window.

But Wait! What happen if I show up after game on???...... Character up and come get your sheet from the Post Office, soon the Public Works window.

But Wait! What happen if I show up after game on, and have to head straight to NPC???...... Come as wind to the back door of the Post Office, soon the Public Works and knock, we will get you all set!

Camp Clean up.

The May clean up worked fantastic and was the fastest we have ever been off site. We will continue to do clean up this way. This is easily broken down into the following stages.

Stage 1: Remove all personal items to your vehicle, or the vehicle you are leaving in.

Stage 2: Wipe down your bunk and make sure there is no trash or debris around the bunk

Stage 3: Have Cabin guide sign off on your sheet

Stage 4: Head to the Roadhouse, where you will find Sam and the Master list on the front porch.

Stage 5: Ask Sam for a camp clean up.

Stage 6: Complete camp clean up.

Stage 7: Return to Sam upon completion, she will sign off and collect your sheet.

Stage 8: check lost and found to see if anything is yours.

Closing Announcements-

Will be held on the back porch of the Roadhouse, after closing announcements we ask that you take a moment to remove all personal items from the Roadhouse. This will greatly help our moving crew to get the Roadhouse props out quickly.

Soft start and Opening announcements -

Please come to opening announcements in character, directly after announcements we will turn off the florescent lights and game will begin. NPC’s and mods will still start at the normal time, however this allows players more time to role-play and get into the character mentality.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!