3.0 Database and you

Over our trade weekend a wonderful thing happened. Now before I get further into this please read all the way through, you don’t want to have Sam’s story about the week in Saratoga County. Okay now that you all have agreed to this, here we go. The preliminary version of the 3.0 database and character builder went live. If you are a current player you should check your email inboxes and spam folders for your invite.

Didn’t find one? Not a problem, it is likely the wrong email in the 2.0 database. We can change that for you, just drop us an email at contact@dystopiarisingnm.com with the right email address and we’ll get it updated.

3.0 Store

September marks the start of 3.0 trades, which means we need to get everyone new item cards, and prints. Our goal is to make trade in at September game as easy as possible. For this to happen we will need your help in following these easy steps.

·    Please download this SPREADSHEET to your own drive.

·    From there fill out all your trade in items, and AP.

·    Next select which items you would like and their quantity, blue prints are located on page 2.

·    Once you are all set in your choice share your document with our contact@dystopiarisingnm.com email.

·    We will print your trade in sheet and prepare your items for September.

·    Don’t forget your Survivor’s Talisman.



Everyone has that one thing that is most important to their character, an item that may even define them. Something that would have been taken good care of in the 3 year jump. Because of this, every character will be able to transfer one item over from 2.0 to 3.0. You must turn in a valid 2.0 item card of the item that you will make your Survivors Talisman, as well as any applicable skills to use the item. While the new item may not be exactly the same, it must remain in the same category (ie: Weapon, Armor, etc) You will need to work with your local branch runners to find something that will be an appropriate match as most 2.0 items no longer exist in 3.0. This is up to your branch runners final approval. All expiration dates stay the same. This item will not cost Transfer Points but the old 2.0 card that it is transferring from may not be converted into Transfer Points. It will instead live on as this new 3.0 version, just like your character!

Have questions, need more information, please email us at contact@dystopiarisingnm.com.