There aren’t too many forks in the roads between Lonestar and Vegasia. Some of the regional Diesel Jocks affectionately call the main road in these parts “the Old 66”, or sometimes “Sacred 66”. North of the Pridelands, west of Lonestar, east of Califa as well as the Great Divide, out in the middle of the Drylands, there is a renewed thoroughfare with a prominent sign that reads but one word: Paradiso. It seems like a mirage at first to most travellers through the area. The land’s dryness and unrelenting heat can provide for an exhausting travel through the area. Most of the old rivers have run dry throughout the plains and deserts (though there are underground pockets of water sparsely around) and Paradiso was founded on top of one of the best underground aquifers left in the wastes.