These nocturnally and subterranean-oriented folk live primarily in the ruins of pre-fall urban centers, now ruined hellholes. They are often at odds with the strains in Georgiabama, due to both their eating and social habits. The lives of those who make Resurgens their home are hard and violent, but Lascarians see the worst of that violence and warfare. Even after generations of fallout and fighting there are still multiple Lascarian Hives that vie for dominance over the darkest spaces in the ancient city ruins.

It is unheard of to find any of the other denizens of Resurgens in the heart of the city after sundown, as all aboveground residents of the ruins know that in the dark, ‘Downtown’ is only a place to die as prey for the hungry, both living and deceased. Within this area, there are three separate Hives vying for control of the Underground, a giant maze of ancient crumbling parking decks, old retail spaces, transportation infrastructure, and sewers. 


Lascarian culture is primitive, throwing away high culture and social structures in exchange for savage minimalism. Weapons, food, armor, and medicine are all that interest a Lascarian. For each Lascarian you see above the surface, you can be sure that half a dozen wait beneath who will never see the light of day, waiting for the shipments from the strong scouts that were sent out.


Lascarians  are  modern  primitives  in  every  sense  of  the  word.  They  dress  in  dark  colors,  favoring  ripped  leathers  and  ragged  clothes  pieced  together  from  scraps  with  no  regard  to  ‘modern’  fashion,  often  in  numerous  piecemeal  layers  that  only  form  an  outfit  when  combined.  It  is  unusual  for  a  Lascarian  to  show  much  skin  in  any  event,  even  during  the  summer  months,  and  dark  glasses  or  goggles  are  a  must  for  their  surface  trips,  as  well  as  hoods,  cowls  or  broad-brimmed  hats  to  help  keep  off  the  hated  sun.  Even  two  Lascarians  from  the  same  clan  may  look  completely  different,  given  that  their  fashion  is  almost  entirely  scavenged,  though  those  that  know  what  to  look  for  will  usually  find  some  common  marker–  a  strip  of  a  certain  color  cloth,  a  painted  twist  of  leather,  a  bit  of  rope  tied  around  the  wrist,  etc.  –  that  indicates  their  common  ancestry.  Small  trophies  are  also  popular,  worn  where  they  can  impress  friends  and  serve  as  a  warning  to  enemies.  There  is  no  place  for  a  politician  in  the  Lascarian  culture,  and  tribes  are  ruled  by  the  strongest.


CannibalismAny recently dead humanoid is a feast for a Lascarian. By eating the corpse, they regain health


Light SensitivityUnless a Lascarian is completely covered from the sun by their clothing, skills are more expensive to use


In Dystopia Rising, you start with one Profession. This Profession should define how you portray your character and will give you access to more skills for you to purchase with your experience points. We've broken the nearly forty professions down into six categories. This process is built to make character creation more streamlined to those new to the system, but at any point you absolutely can create your own character from scratch directly from the rulebook.

Before we get into the different archetypes, we want to highlight that every single character can fight and defend themselves, use cool items, and participate in the economy and socialization that takes place in the world. Picking a specific archetype is more about what your characters focus will be and less about what your character will avoid.