We want to thank everyone for all the feedback we have gotten. It is extremely helpful and always packed full of ways we can improve the experience.

Meal Plan Closed

The Red Rock Caravan Company has closed their meal plan. Players will need to plan accordingly for food during game. As always if you would like to use the kitchen, we will need a copy of your New Mexico Food Handler Certificate. There are several microwaves available for uses, and plenty of space for crockpots.

If you are interested in running a meal plan, please email Cara to get the details. Emails should go to


We have updated the way research turn in works. Starting next game (February) research will be handled a little differently, when a character does research, they will go to the post office and log it into a research notebook (Or if it is on their stationary then placed at a clean section for answers). Once per Post Office Guide shift, the research notebook will make it to OPS where any new research questions will be answered. Then the Notebook will be sent back to the Post Office where characters can get their answers.

Please email with any questions you have over research.

Opening Announcements and Game on

Starting this month we will begin game directly after opening announcements. We encourage everyone to come to opening announcements in character and ready to enter play. We will still be running story out at the same time and the post office will still open at 10 p.m. New Player meet up in front of Ops (Cabin F) for the New Player Mod and a brief orientation.

Please email with any questions you have over this change.