Sacred 66ers

‘Eyes on the Road’

 Diesel Jocks that Maintain the holiest of roads; Old 66, or Route 66, the “safest” route through the Drylands.

  They know that people need safe roads to travel if the world is going to keep turning for us all. Their stretch of road running through the Drylands is just a section of the Holy Road; Old 66. Before the fall the road was Merica’s Highway, and saw a lot of travel. When things fell, some groups eventually realized that people face many troubles on the roads, and decided to do something about it. Initially it was a self serving purpose for their nomadic ways, but it did benefit others who traveled their roads as well.

PC Join-able through Role Play.


Barrows crew

The majority of local, and some traveling Vegasians that frequent Paradiso may be part of this organization. This is a group that specializes in hosting local gatherings and runs the Entertaining and Gambling house. These Vegasians can be extremely friendly and welcoming, as with all Vegasians it is important to watch your back around them, let's face it they are Vegasians after all. Need something, Barrows crew can help.

PC Join-able to local Vegasian characters.


The del Sols

A family of mostly Solestros; the immediate and extended relatives, blood and not, of Donovin del Sol. Any person who married into the del Sols must take the last name. Many Solestros make up the family, however, with more open minded marriages, there may be some other strains marrying into the family in game as time goes.

PC Join-able during character creation and through roleplay.


Water Bearers

This Dryland groups of Sainthood of Ashes, has changed to the surroundings. These Sainthoods ensure that water to the town and surrounding homes, stays available and clean. In addition to protecting the water, they also pass the highest of their tenants to any traveler who will listen. HYDRATION. Often seen distribution rations of water throughout Paradiso, they will always share the local knowledge they have to those able to learn.

PC Join-able with approved background, or through role play.



Are a group of prospectors looking for investors to fund their drilling expeditions in the Drylands. They swear they will hit it big.



Crawls Badders

Little to no details are know about them. A caravan driver once managed to talk with one, he only got the name Crawls Badders before they vanished into the night taking many of his items and leaving worthless trinkets in their place.

PC Join-able with approved background.