Hey friends! Important update!

With 2.0 at a close, and 3.0 incoming, we are shaking things up behind the scenes as well. But change doesn't have to be a bad thing...just different.

One of these changes is Discord hangouts.

Early on in Dystopia Rising: New Mexico, we decided to host weekly Discord hangouts for our community. We talked about past games, future games, character concepts, costume designs, and all manner of things as pertains to Paradiso. It has always been so much fun and we have learned alot from our community, and hope that we have imparted a thing or two to you as well. It’s been a wonderful time, but participation is waning. We want to avoid anyone feeling burned out or obligated. DR should be fun, and never feel like a job or a chore. So, to avoid that, one little thing we can do that might help is to change the structure of Discord hangouts.

As of this week (starting today), we will no longer be having owner hosted weekly chats.

Instead, we will hold scheduled town hall type hangouts. We will put together a schedule of town hall type meetings and post them soon, with dates, times and a sort of agenda of what we will be talking about. The plan is they will be announced well enough in advance that you will have time to decide if you want to participate or not.

Our community is always welcome to schedule their online hangouts and even use our Discord server to do so. In fact, we encourage it! Just to be perfectly clear, Cara, Steven, Trey or myself may not be there if it is not a pre-scheduled town hall. We may show up sometimes just to gush and goob over things with you, but it isn’t a guarantee unless it is a pre-scheduled, pre-announced chat.

We hope this gives everyone plenty of space for decompression and relaxation, and just space in general. We also hope this change will keep us fresh, and refreshed, as well.

Stay tuned to The Speakeasy Page for the schedule of hosted chats! It will be posted shortly.